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Terms of Delivery


Check product availability on product detail (stock, 10 days etc.) and then add delivery time from table below -  delivery time shall be counted from day, you recieve e-mail about dispatching.

With each package, you will receive a tracking number.

Country Delivery by GLS (new!) Delivery by UPS Days
Austria 5.90 € 10.30 € 2-5
Belgium 7.90 € 12.50 € 2-5
Bulgaria 7.90 € 14 € 4-7
Canada --- 46.50 € 3-5
Croatia 7 € --- 5-7
Denmark 7.90 € 14 € 3-5
Estonia 9.90 € 14 € 4-9
Finland 10.90 € 14 € 6-8
France 7.90 € 14 € 3-5
Germany 4.90 € (DHL) 9 € 2-4
Greece --- 14 € 5-7
Hungary 5.90 € --- 2-4
Ireland 11.50 € 14 € 5-7
Italy 8.90 € 14 € 3-5
Latvia 8.90 € 14 € 5-7
Lithuania 8.90 € 14 € 7-9
Luxembourg 7.90 € 14 € 2-5
Monaco --- 15.50 € 4-6
Netherlands 7.90 € 12 € 2-5
Norway --- 36.50 € 5-7
Poland 4 € --- 2-4
Portugal --- 14 € 5-7
Republic of Malta --- 46.50 € 2-4
Romania 7.90 € 14 € 4-6
Spain 11.50 € 14.50 € 6-9
Slovenia 5.90 € 10.50 € 3-5
Sweden 11.50 € 14.50 € 4-6
Switzerland --- up to 1 kg 21,90€, over 1 kg 27,90€ 3-5
United Kingdom 8.90 € (DHL) --- 4-6
USA, Kanada 46.50 € (DHL) up to 0,5 kg 16,9€ 3-5
Other country --- 46.50 € 10-12

Important: We do not ship to islands (like Crete, Canary Islands, etc.)

* Warning for customers outside of European Union: Customs duty and VAT are not included in the price of the product and are determined by the laws of your country. If you cannot accept the shipment due to your unability to pay the customs duty and VAT, customer will be charged for all costs related to the return of goods back to us!


  • + 2 € - Bank Transfer (non-EU countries)
  • FREE - Bank Transfer (€ accounts only)
  • FREE - PayPal (credit card or PayPal account)

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Delivery by UPS

UPSUPS delivery service provides the delivery in time specified in the table above after sending the package. On the day of delivery, UPS driver first calls the phone number specified in the order, so please, be availaible at your phone number!

Thanks to UPS, you can track your package all the way from our hands to your mailbox here

Pay by credit card

Visa, Mastercard, American Express

We are using a PayPal gate to provide more ways to make a payment: by a credit card or a PayPal account.


Terms and conditions in short

  • Minimum order value is 10 €, shipping excluded.
  • Warranty beginning on the day of the goods being taken by the Buyer and lasts for period of 24 months, if not stated otherwise.
  • The buyer should check the condition of the parcel at the delivery.
  • In case of damage, the goods should be returned immediately.
  • Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days.

Money back guarantee - 14 days

Afraid to shop online? 

We'll get rid of your doubts! We offer clear delivery terms in accordance with the law, and so we minimize your concerns.

I don't like stuff I ordered - what now? 

You can send back the package without giving the reason and we'll send you money (by international bank transfer) OR - you can choose diffirent merchandise.

Conditions for replacement or refund:

  • products must be completely undamaged, unused, with original tag bearing, well-packed and capable of further sales
  • you must send products within 14 days from receipt (statutory limit) 
  • in return, insert a copy of a parcel bill and a letter explaining the situation and what you want for it (products, money)

Complaints procedure

1. Each buyer is entitled to claim the products in case of defect within 24 months after delivery.


  • products damaged during transit (such damage must be discussed with the carrier) 
  • products damaged due to normal use and wear over time 
  • products damaged due to unusual use or damage caused by the owner
  • damage caused by external events and incorrect handling 

2. The buyer is obliged to review products and notify the seller within 3 days.

3. The buyer must notice any obvious defects by e-mail ( within 3 days from receipt of goods

4. It is required in all cases to submit a copy of the invoice and proof of payment and delivery of products with a letter describing the complaint.

5. Seller assumes no liability for damages resulting from the operation with the products and improper use of products as well as for damage caused by external events and incorrect handling. This kind of defects are not covered by the warranty.

6. Complaints will be handled in accordance with the czech law.

Online dispute resolution

Effective February 15, 2016 the EU Commission has created a platform for extrajudicial dispute resolution. This gives consumers the opportunity to resolve disputes related to online orders without the requirement for a judicial process involving courts and judges. This dispute resolution process is available via the external link at:

However we are not obliged to and we are not going to participate in an alternative dispute settlements before out-of-court (no-judicial) entities accordingly to the EU Online Dispute Resolution regulation. If you have a complaint about the goods you've received, please contact us at

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our mailing address (exchange, complaints):

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