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Make Money with Fantoys!

For larger and smaller fansite offering the opportunity to participate in the Affiliate program - if you put on your site we created a widget with a range of subjects that attracts people to visit your site and they have chosen us for item order, you can get a commission. Of course, we each hit the range and you are sending a request to meet several requirements:

  • They sent us an approximate monthly visits to your site (UIP at least 100 per day for 2 months).
  • They submitted a phenomenon in which your site does.
  • Specify the location of the widget with our products.

For small fan site instead of percentage pay more we can arrange for the provision of a free object exceeds a certain limit sales of larger Web sites offer financial commission of 2 to 5%. If, however, achieve a higher turnover, do not resist the offers even better - to each site individually!

If you are interested, please contact us at: