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How to start and care of your collection

What can you collect?

Our wide offer should cater to all your collector’s needs. We offer e.g. calendars, t-shirts and other clothes which you can use for decorating your room (or yourself) in the mood of your favourite series.

For the real collectors we also offer a wide choice of merchandise of particular brands and last but not least the very popular action figures.


Anatomy of an action figure >>


How to star collecting and take care of your collection?

If you want to become a collector you should make clear what exactly you want to collect. You can focus on a one single brand (e.g. Star Wars or Star Trek) and try to gain all stuff linked to this brand. Need a pillow with Darth Vander? A replica of the Luke´s light sword? No problem.

If you manage to collect a nice bunch of stuff over the years you will reach to a point when your room changes into a sort of sanctuary of the particular film. That’s great of course! And in case you decide to sell your collection, it will have a great value. The years of collecting must bring some results.

Many people don’t want to devote their life to a single brand only. Sure we understand it and so we support their hobby via our wide offer. But how to find the right balance and not come to a point where you have just one piece from every brand and that piece in fact is the cheapest one and not very good one? First of all it’ s better to focus on few brands, or on really well made, nicely painted figures/stuff from your favourite movies which are somehow special.

Secondly you should make clear where to put your figures and where to display them: their appropriate presentation is not less important. If you do not have big ambitions and you don’t need to devote a special room for the figures then you should be ok with two nice bookcases where you can put your growing collection (in case of action figures).

Once you decide to collect bust, posters, t-shirts, sheets etc., we advise to designate particular parts of your room for particular brands. In one corner you can have a bookcase full of Predator  figures decorated with posters of invisible hunter and in the second corner there may be a life-size Alien grinning at you.

If you embody your hobby into your life this way, we guarantee you that you’ll be really happy to come again and again to dust your figures and still everything will keep an aesthetic value so that nobody will dare to call you a nut (if you do not burn candles ritually under the Predator´s altar).

How to earn money on collecting action figures?

You already know what you want to collect? Good, now it looks that you can start shopping. But you’re more than just a fan and you want your collection to be a right investment of your money? Then continue reading. In the previous chapter we already mentioned that the right choice of the focus of brand can make the difference – complete collections of a particular brand of figures (or all the stuff connected) may be sold for an astronomical sums and its value in time mostly rises.

The next important factor is the following trendthe legends of its genre lose its value very slowly, but for example the figures of Harry Potter were a real twist and turn: not very well sold brand became a hit over a night and even low-quality figures were sold for crazy money. However the interest in Harry figures dropped a bit in the course of time and the price of the figures became steady.

The third important factor is the uniqueness of figure. The bad series is a notion well known also to stamp collectors, however in the milieu of collectors you will often find a consciously limited offer. You can often buy figures that are hand-made, numbered or somehow special as well as other items which will lose their value very slowly. A gun from Intruders which you can find in our offer is a good example.