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The Gothic subculture is markedly dividing by the mainstream in the early eighties, when the scene got gothic rock and gothic metal. Goths to let much affect gothic horror 19th century and horror movies . Gothic in appearance often know by dark hair, heavy makeup and dressing style not unlike the Victorian. Gothové also not based on free black clothing and wardrobe often includes things from the latex.

Philosophy is the goth style, mainly via express their moods and aesthetic desires. Perhaps it is the Gothic genre, like horror genre, and influenced by romanticism and neoromantismem. An essential component of the Gothic mind, however, still remains an effort to sort of artistic expression through its appearance. Despite the ideas of outsiders, however, the gothic ideology is not in any case of violence and hatred t - Goth just interested in death and darkness, and a bit of "mourning" over the evils, which overlooks the mainstream culture. Gothové as a whole are apolitical and strongly emphasize the individual's mind, intellectual thinking and sometimes cynicism. In their submission, is, as I said, mostly about aesthetics and not the simplified form of ethics or politics.

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