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Game genre

Our game section focuses on the figurines, posters and other items on the theme of popular video games that are with us for long decades and currently is the biggest entertainment industry of the world. And no wonder, names like Call of Duty , Resident Evil and World of Warcraft steamrolled in the popularity of the famous film and serial heroes, comic book superheroes, and even popular music band . But where the path began at the top?

Indeed, the first game was in 1948 and was not exactly top of interactivity - it was a simple arcade, where a small player focused raketku to hit the desired target, which drew on the screen either marker, and it featured spotlight. Other games simulator was then gomoku, Tennis for Two interesting made ​​for oscilloscope (electronic measuring device), and finally Spacewar: The first commercial title, which was the shooting down enemy ships in space.

Then for a long time occupied the arcade sports simulation devices (very popular baseball was his time), which did not like those who wanted something more. Limits of game stories, fantasies and so had to move the text up to Star Trek , which was a hybrid between strategy, RPG and adventure. Of note for him is mostly official license, surprisingly strong emphasis on materials management, and especially lots opisného text, which the authors made up for the lack of graphics processing. Cornerstones of game genres have been identified and proudly showed to the world.

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