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Film genre

3D movies, spectacular special effects scenes and hundreds of millions budgets. The cries of modern technologies that were presented in full regalia to be Avatar , has led a very long way. Wondering what all the films had to pass before he presented in full regalia, and tore your irreplaceable share of the Sun? What people had to work out before he could make a Terminator , or sell pieces from Star Wars ? Then read on.

Before the film is the pleasure of the viewer's eye care mostly theater and the first important invention was of course a camera. Then, including the first projector, together invented by Thomas Alva Edison and his assistant, William Dickson - it happened in 1891. As the first commercial film is then conducted a series of short films, which consisted of screening in Paris 28th Grand Cafe December 1895, organized by Louis Jean and Auguste Lumière. Like other major film shows also the first science fiction "Journey to the Moon" by Georges Melies, who in his time was a respectable length of 12 minutes. All the films were still silent logically.

Although at first it seemed that the world powers in the film happens in France, was not so. In America, after lengthy legal wrangling over the patents filmmakers woke up to life in the legendary Hollywood in 1914 spun 50% of world film production. Were very popular comedy (especially those with the famous Charlie Chaplin), but that time has formed the first westerns, gangster (who returned shine until much later filmed The Godfather ) and generally action films.

In 1926 he got into modern cinematography and sound (which bore heavily plenty of excellent actors silent era, who were unable to get used to new conditions) and the color was first mass pushed up by the end of 1935 (although the first color short film saw the light already in in 1909). Animated short films, and production began to pick up again the seriousness with the creation of Walt Disney, who in 1928 created Mickey Mouse. The film as we know it could begin its existence.

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