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Frequently Asked Questions


How much is postage?

The price at which you order a product, the end, not adding no more tax, or anything else. The price of postage will always be added before sending the binding order. Detailing the methods of transportation and postage.


What does the entry "expedition period" for the product?

It represents the time for which we are able to expose goods, wrap and send. Then it depends on the carrier, how long the package will be sent to you.

Do you send things to other countries?!


How to choose the goods?

Goods can be searched by categories and subcategories that roztřiďují goods in more detail. You can choose according to groups, styles, brands and keywords in the search.

What if it is not the size you want?

All the goods we have on the web, we also have a physical store - goods will therefore sometimes even 3 days after ordering. If you do not have the size you want, watch the web, maybe there will. The stock changes often. Feel free to write us and ask for an eventual term availability. Sell ​​goods that physically we do!

Even I did not order that had happen 3 days before, so I would like to ask if and when it happens?

Again, the number of days for a product is only time for the product we can find, wrap and send, then everything depends on the carrier. The moment we send a package, you will receive e-mail that informs you of the dispatch.

Can I see things in person somewhere? Where do you store/shop?

The warehouse is located in Bystřice in the CR, as well as shop - we have no other store in the Republic or the Slovak Republic! 


Why when you add to cart things I can choose the type of payment?

Do you have an order of at least 10 Euro? If so, and yet it is not - apparently your browser does not support Javascript turned on, try a different browser or computer. If problems persist, copy the contents of the cart and e-mail your order in this way.

How do I change the data for delivery on my account?

It's simple - log in, click the top right of your screen.


What if I order something and'll Miss number or I just do not like?

We guarantee you a refund or exchange, unless the matter as soon as possible and will send back all unused. For more details download the return.