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Movies based on comic book licenses experienced a boom after the success of Burton's Batman , even if you're Batman has been filmed several times (first in 1949), Burton after he received massive success. Splayed The path is first poured flock Spider-vassals and Superman to the highly stylized and relatively children's films turn of the millennium, however, recently starting to even attempt to do a comic hero somehow more mature and move them from the "for geeks" to folder " for most people. "And I must say that it is successful, witness the great V for Vendetta.

Witness the processing of new Batman Christopher Nolan, or attempt cinematize work of Frank Miller - 300 and Sin City . In addition to sprays of blood heroic Spartan warriors and the overall atmosphere of darker movies inspired by comic books, but also appears to make the effort a classic superhero popcorn entertainment with the accessibility of 13 years. After all their adventures are ideal for processing into summer blockbusters, and it is therefore not surprising that Marvel is preparing for its 2012 Avangers, where he meets a popular Iron Man, Thor , Hulk , Hawkeye, Captain America and others.

Our product range includes:

300 , Batman , Hulk , Sin City , The Crow , The Punisher , Thor

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