Anatomy of action figures

Where and how the notion "action figure" came to life?

The first action figure created was the American soldier G. I. Joe, which was presented to the market by American company producing dolls. The company intended to create a similar product also for the men (more precisely boys) segment. Time showed that this was the real bull’s eye hit. So what exactly is the action figure?

The anatomy of an action figure

Well you surely know it. Some people call your collection of precious action figures just toys, some call it plastic soldiers, the Kinder egg figures or in worst case dolls. But how can you exactly explain what in fact is that person holding in his/her hands? Your treasure should have at least minimum possibility to move in its joint parts (mostly head and hands) and its size should be about 18 centimetres.The vast majority of action figures are made of plastic, and the same applies to its clothes and accessories.

Action figures mostly represent the characters known from movies, comics, TV series, video games and other media. Thus their target is the already existing community and their real boom came together with the popular heroes such as Batman, Hulk, Terminator or Predator.

Apart from the genre legends the producers focus also on the current production – that’s why you can say that your collection reflects your life style at any moment and your favourite pieces.

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