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World of Warcraft is currently the most popular and most played fantasy MMORPG, while globally the monthly fee paid for playing a little over 10 million players. The basic idea behind the game is to combine traditional RPG (various tasks, improving the character, experience an epic story) with a form of social interaction - some tasks require the cooperation of multiple players, players create a guild together and often stay in touch and out of the game.

Warcraft owes its popularity primarily due to the interesting world of gaming, whose story became the Blizzard development studio in 1994 with a series of popular realtimeových strategies. Players also appreciate the care developers (WoW has come to four expansion packs and countless patches), interesting events in the gaming world (in Azeroth are celebrating Christmas, Easter, Halloween and other holidays) and especially the constant effort to innovate (last name Cataclysm expansion brought the number of tasks such as that are emerging from classical šablonky "fetch objects x, kill y monster."


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