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God of Norse mythology got to the big screen and comic workbooks, when it called to his stable of Marvel. Thor with his giant hammer ranked alongside such legends as Spider-Man , Iron Man or X-Menes. Curiously, that happens alongside Iron Man, Hulk , Captain America, Hawkeye, Nick Furyho and Black Widow in the Avengers superhero combo.

Thor is the Norse god of thunder, rain and the sky, in the Marvel world is his fate, however, considerably akčnější. In the new film it is his father Odin banishes from the mythic Asgard on our Earth, it removes the iconic hammer Mjollnir, and forcing him to discard the earlier arrogance and indifference. Thor was initially unable to get rid of bloated pride and contempt for people, but over time begins to sympathize with them and protect them from his brother Loki, who unleash hell on earth, only to destroy the weakened Thor.

And that is when the rising superhero to save his friends again and making peace and order. This act of sacrifice and ultimate repudiation of endless pride makes a full-fledged superhero Thor, who is offered a place in a superhero combo Avengers (Iron Man, Hulk , Captain America, Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Black Widow).

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