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The famous horror series began as an independent film, but his incredible perversion, mysterious and suspenseful storyline Jigsaw, won the hearts of many, that finally ended up seventh part was filmed in 3D. Development of decent, what do you think?

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The basic premise of all parts of the saga is still the same: the mysterious killer in a mask nicknamed Jigsaw (Puzzle), because the flesh of their victims carves pieces of the puzzle, the whole group of people undergo some type of test. John Kramer (as is his civil name) is a failed attempt suicide gained unusual will to live - and it is this basic instinct testing at their victims. When individuals and whole groups of people asked to do yourself an incredibly perverse things (such as a blunt saw cut leg), or for their own survival to kill someone else.

So, you want to play and create your own puzzle? Please note that Jigsaw must have really strong stomach ...

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