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"When the hell will not place the dead will return to earth." - This message is a motto that can be easily applied to both the original obchoďákový horror of Romero and the remake filmed in 2004 by Jack Synderem.

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George Romero's original film stands on the borderline between horror , thriller and socio-political satire. First, although showing incredibly slow zombies, representing the inevitable certainty of death, and thought of a few survivors, but the bitter end now and then sweetens funny moments, which is mainly to show that man must be something to laugh in the face of death ( smearing waffles with whipped cream cheeks shuffling zombies is unforgettable). Apart from this, however, the film also works as a satire, where Romero said he wanted to draw attention to consumer lifestyle too, which proves that the "dead mall need for life after death."

Thirty years apart from a movie made by Jack Syndera more than just a remake. In addition to the overall roughening and logical improvement of all possible effects, in fact guilty of Synder and many other changes - zombifikace it is more mysterious than the disease process, shuffling zombies replace the incredibly fast and ferocious predators and humor was limited only to your worst option. Which many fans of the original Synderovi still blame his reputation and helped by the fact that the space had two main heroes of the last part that you played in the remake of a small cameo.

Direct continuation in both cases the film Day of the Dead .


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