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Call of Duty FPS is known mainly for high-quality film narrative multiplayer and single player game. If you want to please shooters lover, definitely nešlápnete next shirt or other accessory with the motif of the series.


One of the most popular FPS series for PC and consoles began during the Second World War that gradually got through thanks to the popularity of various branches until modern times. The trilogy Modern Warfare gradually turn away the threat of World War III procestujete almost the whole world (in the last part you come to Prague) and become a part of everything we normally see only on movie screens: enjoy banging your buildings in your neighborhood, svistotkulek overhead and Other memorable moments.


Outside of film processing is strong and Call of Duty multiplayer, which ranks it among the most popular games of all time, only the first day has sold nearly 10 million pieces of the latest work. Series, however, spared a few scandals, the most famous include Raising a fuss about the mission, when the players required participation in a terrorist attack on the airport - at least with my own eyes and you see dozens of massacres of innocent civilians and whenever you press the shutter and terminate innocent life. Despite this, however, carries a series of patriotic spirit and Modern Warfare otherwise revolves mainly around shooting terrorists, not innocent people. Call of Duty is not in the field of gaming experience almost no competition, and sales and popularity he can envy as superpopulární World of Warcraft , so its direct competitor: Battlefield series.


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