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27th November 1940 - July 20, 1973: Bruce Lee, although he lived briefly, but his acting art could change the view of the action movies. Thanks to the wonderful technology of Asian martial arts legend indelibly as a genre.


Bruce Lee in childhood does not scan the company and instead of playing with friends to learn kung fu, that hard work brought to perfection. Came to America primarily as a teacher of martial arts, but when one of the exhibitions Hollywood noticed him - and then began his famous (though unfortunately relatively short) career. Premiere dismissed in 1966 on the series The Green Hornet and Batman . Then he worked his way through the minor roles are still higher, but Hollywood was throwing his own foot in the form of interference to already approved projects. So he returned to Hong Kong, where he made ​​the famous film Fist full of anger.

Immediately after he finally talked with Hollywood in the first US-honkongským film titled Journey Dragon. In this action film also takes place duel Century: Bruce Lee vs.. Chuck Norris, which bad language says that the most expensive action scenes in movie history - it is Chuck loses. Proper popularity and status of a legend Bruce Lee and earned the title of the Dragon, but recognition is unfortunately did not live. He died probably on a brain hemorrhage three weeks before its premiere. Posthumously he starred in the film Game of Death, from which he recorded about 40 minutes and then took over the role of another actor. Despite this, however, it shot footage in the film makers left. Bruce Lee is just a legend in the world that has no parallel action movies.


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