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Sci-fi Avatar especially brought incredible insight into the wonderful world of Pandora, which will occupy mankind callous indigenous Na'vi race. Story building on conflict between two disparate civilizations but became unbalanced totally incredible visuals and most fully utilized the 3D effect.

Avatar is starring paralyzed Marine Jake Sully (Sam Worthington, known among others from the last Terminator ), which shall be entered into the program's Avatar - this allows the person selected to control his genetic double, which is "made" as a member of the original indigenous population - 'knows that its structure reminds that human. It is mainly these wraiths and Jake are designed to make friends with the people, made ​​a reconnaissance mission to prepare Pandora and its inhabitants that the very people it destroys the extraction of valuable minerals.

The original plan, however, receives major flaw: the natives levitating rocks, trees, reaching heights of skyscrapers and luminous forest full of wonderful creatures and prehistoric predators, and certainly can not commit to not want to colonize and destroy our beautiful planet. In revealing the intention of people to revolt Na'vi and build our race to the resistance. A Marine Jake Sully does not know which side to join - the mission is to converge with Na'vijskou princess Neytiri and even philosophy of life is foreign to him Pandorans.

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