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First was a battle. Then the comics. And now a film. Testosterone packed full of spectacular zpomalovaček, bloody killings and views developed male body (which especially pleases the ladies.) Action film with historical roots and fantasy elements, which, after boldly stylish site can be measured with Sin City and Avatar .

The 300: The Battle of Thermopylae not find any philosophical wisdom nor opájet great story. He is can be summarized in a simple historical and "300 Spartans held the pass against the Persians led by a giant superiority Xerxeem, fell heroically and sacrifice their time to help get the Greeks to unite and eventually repelled the army." Everything is the same as in the original comics, subject opojnému visual prim and play digital gallons of blood and spectacular scenes.

To those, like any good action movie, including some memorable one-liners, like "Tonight we Dine in Hell" (Today eat dinner in hell), cluster kick-offs Persian emissary into a pit along with the shout "This is Sparta!" (This is Sparta) and memorable response to the fact that sunlight penetrated through the dense shooting arrows, "What do we do? - We shall fight in the shade. "And that all Spartans are properly tough, evidenced by the fact that King Leonidas himself killed during a battle exactly 33 enemies. Well tell me, gentlemen, you would not want to have one of the Spartans as a model? And you ladies, you would not want to have a guy at home?